Globalization has brought with it the challenge of communicating not only across language barriers but also across different worldviews. We have served clients from Asia to South America, offering workshops, helping structure relations, and intervening in conflict situations so that cultural differences can be bridged, and new synergies emerge.

Beginning with the organization of three national conferences addressing native justice, our professionals have also learned different approaches and values by working closely with the Elders and leaders of First Nations. We continue to work with communities and governments to support their work in building healthy communities.

GDI helps your organization to meet its goals and responsibilities (economic, environmental, social) by working with leaders and teams to improve the way they do business. Whether you require a diagnostic of a particular work unit’s team dynamics or need to plan and implement large scale policy or program changes or new ventures, GDI provides multi-layered expertise to help you achieve your goals.

The renewable energy industry is in the midst of unprecedented business opportunities and technological potential. With this growth comes heightened responsibility for cooperation and partnering amongst industry payers, governmental entities, and other stakeholders. Global Dialogue’s experts provide an array of professional assistance specifically targeted to these relationship management needs.

Experience has shown that successful partnership building requires multidisciplinary strategies, capacities, and skills positioned both within the business organizations and the stakeholder communities. As external objective professionals, GDI offers multi-layered assistance to optimize success.